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Polymorphic Viruses

A polymorphic virus is the kind of virus which changes the code but keep the idea(algorithm) intact. Most of the antivirus software started by detecting viruses(virii) using fingerprints. The virus had the same code on all infected files and computers. So the antivirus could simply look for a string and find out if the virus is present or not. Then viruses started to use more advanced techniques, such as polymorphism. So now a good antivirus program has to actully run a program and analize all code in order to be sure if there is any virus present. Pattern search can no longer be efficient when we deal with polymorphic code.

The easiest way to make a virus polymorphic is to add some kind of random encryption, so each time the virus infects something, it has a new pattern. But this requires some small code to be left unencrypted. This has the taks to unencrypt the malicious code and run it.

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