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keylogger protection

Even if you are 100% about your computer that is clean, the keylogger protection is very important whenever you use another computer such as when you go to an internet cafe or to a friend.

Don't panic, you have a few sollutions:

  • If you are familiar with Linux, you should make a copy of Knoppix(Knoppix is a bootable Live system on CD, see this for details). In this case, no matter how many keyloggers there are on the computer, you have your own read only operating system so you are safe

  • You can use a virtual keyboard such as http://www.lakefolks.org/cnt/. It is a Click-N-Type keyboard designed for anyone with a disability, but it can be used against keyloggers, simply by clicking keys with the mouse whenever you have to write sensitive information such as passwords

  • Use Anti Spyware program to clean the system you are using from nasty keyloggers

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